If you don’t have a twitter account, a Pinterest account and/or Facebook page for your business you could be missing out on customers. Equally if you do have accounts but do not post regularly you could be losing clients.

Potential customers use many methods of finding a company and then keeping in touch. Some people like the traditional leaflet and phone contact, or to receive their information more passively in an email or on a website. But others like to build an active relationship with brands where they can interact on a regular basis: seeing new products, receiving offers, participating in competitions and sharing the information.

So, by not using social media actively, you could be missing out not only on custom but on people who spread the word about your brand.

It can be time-consuming and it can be daunting. But some people, like me, love social media and can help you build your social media presence.

Over the last three years I have developed a social media management package that’s really seeing results.

For £100 per month I will:


  • 1. Post two mini-blogs per week, including photos, competitions and offers to your Facebook page
  • 2. Schedule 15 tweets per week (5 different tweets x3)
  • 3. Go onto both your FB and twitter accounts 3 times per week to respond to comments and RT/post one-off relevant tweets.


This will all be done to an agreed schedule and in regular discussion with you. We will use various analytical tools to find out the subjects and posting times that give you best response. We will also set targets for numbers of followers and likes.

I am also developing a package to manage Pinterest pages and would welcome “guinea-pigs” – at a reduced rate of course.

I would particularly like to work with independent food companies, a cycle or running shop and an independent clothes retailer.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how I can help you activate your social media.