Capsule CRM Training

Capsule CRM Taster Sessions

I am  currently offering free 1 hour on-line set-up sessions on an individual basis. This event will take place via Zoom. Please book by clicking on the highlighted days and selecting a time-slot. Once you have booked I will send you a link to join the training course.


Half Day Capsule CRM Training

We also offer both online and face-to-face training (when allowable) on Capsule CRM, which will take you up to an intermediate level. Our ½ day training courses can either be quite generic, ideal for a group of different businesses or business specific, where we help companies set up the system so that it works for them.

The ½ day training sessions normally cost £75 per person, but if you book in April or May 2020 it is just £30 per person. To book a 1/2 day call me on 0758 4127644 to arrange a suitable date.

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Capsule CRM Workshop

As virtual administrators Capsule CRM has become our preferred contact management system, offering a simple way of storing and tracking your clients, great support and great value for money.

Over the years we have used many contact management systems, frequently ones that are bespoke for specific industries. We have found that often the companies do not need complexity and quite simply do not use the systems because they are too complex. The system starts off very simply and then you can build complexity as you become familiar with it.

Capsule CRM is free until you have 250 contacts, so for business start-ups or small businesses, this gives you plenty of time to get a feel for the system before you upgrade.

Sharing our Expertise: Bite Size Guides to Capsule CRM

Explained…… Opportunities, Tracks and Cases in Capsule CRM

We have covered Capsule CRM in several previous blogs because here at Red Kite Services we reckon that Capsule is a cracking bit of software which can make the labyrinthine world of small business management significantly less daunting. In previous blogs we’ve covered Opportunities, Tracks and Cases, useful functions of Capsule CRM that allow us…

How to…… Set up tracks in Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is a fantastic business management tool that can save time, effort and tears. We have covered other aspects of this software in previous blogs (click here to see) so if any concepts or keywords are unclear in this tutorial don’t panic, simply glance over our earlier blogs and all shall become clear. In…

Capsule CRM How to guide

How to…… Set up Opportunities in Capsule CRM

Capsule makes the day-to-day running of a small business significantly easier, and many of its time saving features have been covered in previous blogs.  If any concepts or keywords are unclear in this tutorial don’t panic, simply glance over our earlier blogs and all shall become clear. In this, the fourth of the series, we’ll…

Capsule CRM How to guide

How to…… Upload emails to Capsule CRM

One of the things that I have found most useful about Capsule CRM is the ease with which I can upload emails to the system. This means that I can keep all the electronic correspondence I have with somebody in one place. The email upload facility allows you to: Forward incoming emails to the contact’s…

Capsule CRM How to guide

How to………Add Tasks to Capsule CRM

In this, the second of my Bite Size Guides to using Capsule CRM, I will take you through how to add tasks and other activities in Capsule CRM. Tasks are added to your Capsule calendar, making it an extremely easy way to manage and prioritise your time – for Capsule converts like me – if…

Capsule CRM How to guide

How to……. Upload Contacts to Capsule CRM

We have been using Capsule CRM as our preferred contact management system for over 5 years and we recommend it to our clients too. There are many reason to love Capsule CRM and why it works for us as we reported in our blog At Least 10 Reasons why Capsule CRM is Good for Business. We…

At Least 10 Reasons Why Capsule CRM is Good for Business

  Anyone who knows us at Red Kite Services will also know that we love Capsule CRM – we use it for our own business and help many of our clients set it up. It is easy to use, well priced (free for up to 250 contacts) and I keep finding new things that I…

Pile of business cards

How to Manage your Contacts

Everyone who has a business keeps contact details in some form or other. Often these contacts are a box of business cards, sometimes they are either handwritten or online data collection forms. For people who are really on the ball these contacts might have been added to a spreadsheet. As an administrator, I would usually…