About a month ago I received a request for help via my contact page. It was an enquiry as to whether I could update the website for Tranquility Complementary Therapies.

I called up the number and had a chat. Tanya told me that she loved the design of her website, but that a lot of the information was now out of date. She was no longer in touch with the web designer and couldn’t work out all the complicated code to do the updates. She had approached a number of web design companies who had all told her she would need to build a new website, which she didn’t want to do.

I did some research about the site and found out that it had been built on Dreamweaver, which I am not familiar with. However, because Tanya is based locally, I hopped on my bike and popped round to see if I could help.  Tanya only wanted basic text updates doing: mainly changes to prices and opening times. She also wanted me to change payment details and update her studio photographs. We logged onto the “back office” of the website together and found where to do the updates.

It took me half a day of work to do most of the updates Tanya required – there was one that is a little more complex as it is set up as a graphic and would need a new design doing, so we have left that for the time being.

I am going back to Tanya’s soon to show her how to do the basic updates in future – in my opinion everyone should be able to do those small tweaks like price changes themselves.

Tanya was facing the cost and inconvenience of building a new website, which she didn’t want. For a fraction of the cost I have been able to give her what she wanted: basic updates to the site AND the knowledge to do it for herself in the future.

If you would like this sort of a one-off website update, please contact me.

You can have a look at the Tranquility Complementary Therapies website here