Website updates are an important part of marketing your business – not only does it help with Search Engine Optimisation, but new content also shows that you are still actively trading. There is no point advertising events or deals that are out of date and advertising old prices or products can really cause you some problems.

We know it is time consuming and sometimes a bit daunting, so that is why we thought we would share with you some of the recent websites we have been updating.

We have been working with marketing agency, Lyndon Associates, to keep the websites of two of their clients up to date.

Trans-alloy wheels

We have been supplied with a lot of new copy and photographs for this website. Although this is a CMS site, it is not built on WordPress, so we have had to become acquainted with a new set of functions. We have worked with Lyndon Associates to improve the copy and layout to make use of the excellent professional photography and location specific keywords. In addition we have added a news and testimonials page and uploaded content to these pages as supplied by Lyndon Associates. The overall impression is an eye-catching and relevant website.

IQ Properties

This site had been set up on a WordPress platform and looks stunning, with strong branding and a clean look. We have worked with Lyndon Associates to add new copy and company photographs (rather than all stock photos) to the site whilst retaining the brand image. We have also added regular testimonials. Finally for IQ Properties we have set up a Google My Business page, including photographs and a relevant press release.

Website Updating Services

We have been working with a number of other clients recently to help them keep their websites up to date. For example, we have worked with Ellen Longhorn Design to add colour to Hi Ho Recruitment’s Website. We have also taken on two new clients for blog writing services and we continue to upload products and product descriptions for an on-line shop.

If you’re website needs an update – whether in design or content get in touch now.

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