This year marks the fifth year that Red Kite Services has been trading, I started part-time back in 2010, moving to full time the year after. Since then I have moved into an office and Red Kite Services will be becoming a partnership next month. (more on that to follow)

So I thought it was time that my image had a bit of a re-vamp, after all my logo was designed by my then 15 year old daughter. I gave the task to the very brilliant designer Ellen Longhorn. She took on my brief, realising that I didn’t want to change drastically she gave me an updated look, a new social media logo and the colours for me to use on my website. I wanted to add in an extra colour as I felt that the red, black and grey I have been using was a bit stark. So here is my new logo design:

Red Kite Services Logo

I will be rolling out my new logo on to new business cards, across my website (which is also going to have an overhaul) and across my social media too. Have a look at the top of my page to see the subtle differences in the design. I love it.

I look forward to working together with Ellen in the future as my website updating service develops – often a logo and colour update can make a huge difference to a website.

If you would like to see more of Ellen’s work, please have a look here.

If you would like help with updating your website please give me a call on 0758 4127644