Outsourced Marketing Support

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Marketing your business is vital to its continuing success. You may have read up on it, been on courses or worked with a marketing expert to write a marketing plan. But guess what? The marketing plan needs work to put it in place and that takes up time. So why not use and outsourced marketing service?

One of the reasons for us setting up Red Kite Services was because of our own experience in retail, where we knew what to do, but didn't have the time to do it. For example, we ran a loyalty scheme, but never set up a newsletter to engage those loyal customers - losing the opportunity for valuable additional sales and referrals. By working with us as your outsourced marketing team we can keep your marketing plan on track whilst you are busy doing the work and converting leads into business.

Lead Generation

We can assist you in getting new leads through e-newsletters, social media campaigns, web updates and physical brochures. We can support you by writing the text and setting up ways to contact the target market, including designing landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Client Retention

We can help you keep in touch with existing clients and let them know about the services you offer through mailshots, events and presentations.

We can provide marketing support in the following areas:

  • social media campaigns (twitter, facebook and pinterest)
  • newsletter writing and editing,
  • Designing newsletter templates
  • proof-reading,
  • preparing presentations,
  • website updates,
  • event support,
  • seminar organisation.

Here are just some examples of the marketing support we offer.

  • Designing newsletter templates for Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers, Lyndon Associates and Life Without Limits
  • Newsletter writing and editing for Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens
  • Social Media for Night Owls Discos, York Wedding Suppliers, Action Coach and Harrowells.


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