Almost two years ago we were asked to provide some web updates to the website of Cloud 9 Admin. The site had been built when the owner first launched her business and was about 5 years old. It had been built very well on a WordPress template, but it was looking out dated. In addition, the business owner, Nikki Coverdale, had not been changing content so it had become very static and had lost its front page rank on search engines.

Initially we worked to update the layout of the existing template and started adding new content including some blogs. By adding columns we made the site look more up to date, as shown below in the before and after screenshots.

web updates before


website updates


However as we worked on the site we decided that it was the boxed lay out that was making it look out of date, so Nikki bit the bullet and asked us to build a new responsive website for her. We selected a new WordPress template and transferred all the copy over on to it. But we added several new images, re-organised the pages and added some prominent calls to action.

We are now providing on-going updates – adding a monthly blog, new pages and images for example. We are optimising the pages for search engines and we have started a twitter campaign to promote the site.

One of the areas we focussed on was recruiting new associates and the campaign has resulted in Cloud 9 Admin appointing a new associate Virtual Assistant. The company specialises in providing PA and administrative support to financial advisers and, by careful wording of the site and relevant blogs the site is now back on page 1 of the search engines.

Nikki has also had good feedback from potential clients and associates who said that the site looked far better than her competitors.

Websites are always a work in progress. They are never “finished” – they need to be able to change and adapt with your business and with the market. They need to remain fresh to look good to customers and for the purposes of search engines. Our sites enable the client to either do this themselves or we work with them as the site evolves.