Having worked together on the York Wedding Deals website, wedding planner Zena Wynn-Jones asked Red Kite Services to re-build her wedding website at Boodika.co.uk


The brief was to build a site that had plenty of images, showcased her weddings and gave a feel for Zena’s organisational skills. Most of the copy had been written on her previous website so we carried that over, but we tidied up the way images were displayed and set up some stunning sliders for each page, all made easier by Nikki Bowling’s fabulous photography.

weddingThe focus of the site is now very much on real weddings with the aim to inspire couples for their own wedding. We moved away from the pinks and purples of many wedding websites as we wanted a site that would appeal to couples rather than just the bride, but we did want to give a friendly, calming feel – which we have done by choosing shades of green and putting curved frames around the images.

The Avada Theme used here allows us to select blog categories to place on different pages, making it easy for Zena to upload her blogs as she goes along. You will therefore see that there are different blogs appearing on different pages.

We have also made the testimonials prominent in the sidebar of each page and, again, these are easy for Zena to add to.

As always with our websites we aim to make it as easy as possible for the client to update the website content. Zena was already used to using WordPress, but we provided her with a bespoke manual to help her update the site.

If you are interested in having a website makeover, please get in touch on 0758 4127644.