What Business Wellbeing Means To Me?

walk in the snow

We recently had a discussion at my networking group, The Business Wellbeing Club, about how to build the membership and how to make it appeal to people.

This got me thinking about what is Business Wellbeing – at least what is business wellbeing to me?

One of the crucial things about the Business Wellbeing Club is that it is NOT just for people whose business is to do with health and wellbeing. It is about people who want a healthy business and lifestyle.

For me therefore, business wellbeing is about having a business that works for me. This means it brings in sufficient income for my lifestyle and that I get a good work-life balance.

It means that my work is flexible enough that I don’t HAVE to work set hours. Generally, I tend to work 9 to 5 weekdays because this frees me up to have the social life I want. However, during the various lockdowns, daily exercise has become the most important part of my wellbeing. So, now that we are in winter I am very pleased to be able to go out during daylight hours and enjoy the snow and then work into the evenings. That is what I mean about my business working for me.

More generally it is about focusing on what is important for you and collaborating with people so that you can improve the wellbeing of both business and lifestyle.

In Red Kite Services we can help people get that balance back by doing the work that they hate doing: their administration, their web updating, setting up appointments, putting systems in place to automate processes and so much more.

Business Wellbeing Club

The Business Wellbeing Club is the brainchild of Ros Jones. We meet fortnightly online and share ideas, give referrals, collaborate and focus on what we are grateful for. It has been going for 9 months now and welcomes people who have an abundant mindset. If you are interested I am happy to invite you as a guest.

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