Red Kite Services Joins She Loves York

We are delighted that we have become a Partner of She Loves York.  She Loves York is a luxury lifestyle club offering exclusive discounts to members throughout the year. As one of the growing number of business service partners we offer 10% off our basic services to all She Loves York members and partners. We [...]

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4 Ways to Support Local Businesses on Social Media

  We all want local businesses to do well. Something that is increasingly important is to support local businesses on social media. Online platforms are all about connection and engagement with an audience. Algorithms mean that a simple ‘follow’ or ‘like’ won’t do much to increase the visibility of the business that you want to [...]

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Why My Business is Like parkrun

On Saturday the 12th September I will be lining up at The Knavesmire in York to run my 100th parkrun. I will be joined by family, friends from the running community and friends I've made through business. There will be cake! For those of you who don't know what parkrun is here is a quote [...]

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Why “Taking Part” is Good for Business

It seems that every week is a National Something Week: pie week; farmhouse breakfast week, library week; and every other day is an awareness day. In your city there will also be promotional events such as food festivals, film festivals and book weeks. Your own street may also have set up a trader’s association to [...]

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