How to….. Set up a Landing Page in Mailchimp

The ability to set up a landing page in Mailchimp is a really useful addition to your marketing within Mailchimp.

It allows you to entice customers to sign up for your newsletter with very specific offers. For example you can use a landing page to:

  • promote a new product
  • give customers exclusive content with a sign up
  • sell tickets for specific events

A good landing page will increase conversion rates and help you build your customer list. It is an opportunity to promote specific services to a niche market. A landing page allows you to focus on a specific service and promote a specific action from the page.

By using a landing page on Mailchimp, rather than a standalone page on your website, you have the advantage of streamlining signing up to your mailing list.

How to Set up a Landing Page on Mailchimp

Before you set up a landing page, you will need to have a Mailchimp account and you will need to set up an audience (i.e. a mailing list). If you have a free version of Mailchimp you can only have one audience, however by using tags you can still split up your mailing list based on who signs up from your landing page.

I was asked to do a presentation for The Business Wellbeing Club on how to set up a landing page. I have converted this presentation into a How to Manual, which I am pleased to make available as a free download here.