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Training Courses

Over 10 years we have built up a lot of expertise and contacts in the world of SMEs. We offer training in the following areas:

Capsule CRM

Mailchimp Templates and Set up

Mailchimp Landing Pages

WordPress Basics.

These are normally carried out on a bespoke 1 to 1 basis, but we can provide a broader training course to groups of people. Please contact us if you would like to book training.

Useful Information

We also produce a number of "how to" blogs explaining how to do some of the basic administrative tasks. You can read them below. To receive new training blogs as we go along, please sign up to the newsletter.

Business BookCLUB

Sam is a member of the Business BookCLUB and had put together quite an archive of book reviews. Many of these are excellent books for helping both business and personal development. Read them here.

How To Guides from Red Kite Services

How to….. Set up a Landing Page in Mailchimp

The ability to set up a landing page in Mailchimp is a really useful addition to your marketing within Mailchimp. It allows you to entice customers to sign up for your newsletter with very specific offers. For example you can use a landing page to: promote a new product give customers exclusive content with a…

How to….. Set up a template email using a Gmail account

Many of us send out standard emails on a regular basis and setting up a template for these emails is an excellent time-saver. If you are a Gmail user it is now super simple to set up a template email using a Gmail account.       Here are the six simple steps: 1) in…

How to password protect a word document

How to Password Protect a Word Document

This short blog post will teach you how to password protect a Microsoft Word Document on both Windows and Mac. 1) Open word document and click the ‘review’ tab  You can do this before you have written the document or once it’s fully completed. It is necessary to have your word document in full screen…

Business Book Reviews

York Business BookClub meeting

Book Review: How to Win Friends and Influence People

It is hard to believe that How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, was written at the same time as “Think and Grow Rich.” It was easier reading and a lot less cringeworthy in it’s attitudes. All of us at York Business BookClub thought it was a really good book for life…

Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Perhaps the first book to explore the ‘magic formula’ for success, Think and Grow Rich was first published in 1937 and has had numerous updates since. this was the book selected as the first read for the newly launched York Business Book Club. The author sets out the philosophy that all individuals shape their own…