How to….. Set up a template email using a Gmail account

Many of us send out standard emails on a regular basis and setting up a template for these emails is an excellent time-saver. If you are a Gmail user it is now super simple to set up a template email using a Gmail account.




Here are the six simple steps:

1) in your emails, click on the setting cog on the right hand side of screen

settings button in gmail






2) select the “advanced” tab on the settings screen as highlighted in blue below.

3) The second function down is template – click the button to enable

settings page in Gmail


4) Go back into your email and compose an email

5) At the bottom of the new message box you will see there are 3 dots next to the bin icon – click on those

new message footer in gmail






6) Select templates and save draft as template. Click on save as new template and a box will come up where you can name the template.

set up a template in Gmail






You have now set up a template.

When you need to use it, just start your email, go down to those three buttons and choose the template you want to use – it will populate your email for you.

So there it is – how to set up a template email using a Gmail account.

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