At Least 10 Reasons Why Capsule CRM is Good for Business


Anyone who knows us at Red Kite Services will also know that we love Capsule CRM – we use it for our own business and help many of our clients set it up. It is easy to use, well priced (free for up to 250 contacts) and I keep finding new things that I love about it.

Of course there are other options – Trello is great for lists and Basecamp for projects. You can store your emails and contacts in outlook and have a google calendar – but why not do all these things (and more) in just one place?

So here are just some of the fab ways that you can use Capsule CRM  in your business:

  1. Store all your contacts in one place – add specific information to them, link all the emails you send, upload all the relevant files add notes and record conversations.
  2. Easily mass upload your contacts from a spreadsheet.
  3. Add tags and categories to all your contacts so that you can search for them easily and set up lists from which you can contact everyone on the list
  4. Add tasks and to do dates in the calendar and link those tasks to your contacts. You can assign the tasks to other users and add notes.
  5. Link your calendar to your google calendar or other online calendar
  6. Set up your regular procedures as a track, which gives you a step by step checklist of everything in the system. This ensures consistency for every lead or case.
  7. Measure your pipeline – enter your leads and note whether they are strong leads or not to give an indication of your pipeline and where to make an effort in chasing leads up
  8. Cases – cases are like projects for clients, you can store emails pertinent to that case, link cases with other people, assign tasks and set up tracks within a case to ensure you do everything on time
  9. Download the phone app, so when you meet someone new when you’re out and about you can add them to your system straight away and set up a task to contact them
  10. Link lists to mailchimp and send out eshots, by ticking the correct button in mailchimp you can feed information about the recipients back into Capsule.
  11. You can set up a form on your website that feeds directly into Capsule – so new leads go straight into Capsule.
  12. Integration with lots of other software such as Wufoo forms and Xero
  13. Link the tasks directly to Toggl, so you can measure time.

So there is my list of at least 10 awesome things you can do with Capsule CRM. My top tip if you do want to use it is to think how you want to use the contacts and categorise them before you upload them.

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