Halnaby Hall Stables Website Update

A couple of months ago we were recommended to Rosie Lister, the owner of Halnaby Hall Stables Bed and Breakfast near Darlington. The person who had built and been maintaining Rosie’s website was retiring and she needed someone to take over the management of her site.

We met with Rosie and agreed that whilst she was happy with the content of the site, this offered the opportunity to give the site a more modern feel and to make it easier to book from any device.

I made contact with the original site designer who shared the files with me so that I could re-construct the site on WordPress and transfer domain hosting. The original site, see below, was built with code, so neither Rosie or her family were able to do the updates themselves. Although it was optimised for mobile phone viewing, some of the images were very small.


Our Website Update

Once we had spoken to Rosie and visited the beautiful property we set to work updating the Halnaby Hall Stables website. We added sliders, call to action buttons, photo galleries and testimonials. We also set up a Facebook page for the business and added a feed into the footer so that visitors could see up to date information. It is now easy to book and navigate whatever device you are viewing it on and has a more contemporary feel whilst reflecting the luxurious style of the property.

website update - Halnaby Hall Stables

We are going to be working with Rosie over the next year to keep on improving the website and building her online presence via Facebook too.

If you would like your website to be given a bit of an overhaul, please get in touch or call Red Kite Services on 07584 127 644.

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