Time Saving Tips Part 4 – Using Email Templates

Time Saving Tips

I often send out emails to people that have pretty much the same wording each time. Things like “It was lovely to meet you at the networking event today. If you would like to find out more about what I do, please visit my website.”

Or, “ Thank you for advertising in the brochure. Please can you send me your advert by the  dd/mm/yy”

I recently found a super-quick way of setting p email templates these in gmail and making sure you are asking everyone the same question or giving them the same information.


Set up Canned Responses

Google call these email templates “canned responses”, which is probably why I hadn’t discovered them before. Here is how to set up canned responses.

  • Enable canned responses by going to the settings cog at the top right hand of your screen and selecting settings

  • Select the labs from the menu box as highlighted

  • Search for canned response in the search box and then use the toggle buttons to enable canned responses.

  • Now go back into your emails and click compose as if you are going to send an email and type out your template – it might be worth highlighting the areas that will change each time.

  • Go to the small arrow at the bottom of the email next to the bin icon and select canned responses as shown


  • Select new canned response and give it an easily recognisable name in the pop-up box and click OK

And that is it. Next time you want to send that same email, all you need to do is select it from the dropdown of canned responses.

You can also set up canned responses in outlook and there are some excellent posts on youtube showing you how to do this.

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