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Trevor Lund Chimney Sweep website –

Trevor Lund is a chimney sweep who felt that his website was outdated and not very user friendly, so he could not update it himself. He was frustrated at the time taken to update the site content and he wanted a site more suited to his current requirements.

We decided to build Trevor’s new website on a WordPress template. Using a template has a number of advantages over bespoke built website and the templates we use are extremely flexible so can be tailored to your requirements. A large number of software plugins are compatible withTrevor_Lund_Chimney_Sweep_vehicle the template to allow a diversity of functions to be built onto the basic site.

Trevor’s site was built with:

  • An online shop
  • social media share function
  • testimonials
  • Facebook feed
  • Contact pages
  • links to Trevor Lund social media pages
  • scheduled backups

There were a few extra functions that Trevor opted for as we went along with his website build. One thing that he wanted was the ability for clients to submit testimonials through the website so he could easily read them and upload them from the website dashboard. This is so much easier than having testimonials submitted in a variety of formats and media. Prompting a client to submit a testimonial through the website makes it much easier for them as well so they are much more likely to actually submit one.

Trevor also decided that he would like two contact pages so that clients could contact him specifically to make a chimney sweeping appointment or more generally to discuss the numerous other related services that he provides.

The training session was carried out at Trevor’s own home and was an opportunity for him and his business partner (his wife) to become familiar with their website. The training session was built around a bespoke training manual with the intention of allowing them to update the website going forward. The session mostly concentrated on adding and amending pages, blogs (posts), testimonials and products. We also covered some of the website structure such as the menu so that new items could be added in the future. Of course there was plenty of opportunity for other areas to be covered during the session with plenty of questions to be answered.

After the website launch and training session, we then entered a 3-month period of snagging where we offer to sort out any problems and make any small changes to get the website looking and performing as required by the customer. After the 3 months of free cover we can then offer various levels of service to maintain and improve the website on an ongoing basis.


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