Explained…… Opportunities, Tracks and Cases in Capsule CRM

We have covered Capsule CRM in several previous blogs because here at Red Kite Services we reckon that Capsule is a cracking bit of software which can make the labyrinthine world of small business management significantly less daunting.

In previous blogs we’ve covered Opportunities, Tracks and Cases, useful functions of Capsule CRM that allow us to structure the logistics of our business in a way that is organised and accessible for individuals within the company, as well as easing collaboration across the whole business.

However, we understand that adapting to a new piece of software can be tricky at first, especially when there is a whole suite of a jargon to accompany it. As such, this blog will focus on defining Opportunities, Tracks and Cases in Capsule CRM, and hopefully to offer some clarity on how these functions fit together.


What is an Opportunity in Capsule CRM?

Opportunities are a useful feature of Capsule CRM that makes the process of finding new work nice and structured, as well as creating a solid foundation for following up potential sources of new work in a standardised way.

We can think of Opportunities as leads or clues in an investigation. They are potential sources of new work identified by you, whether through a new client’s response to an online advertisement, a phone call from and existing client or even just word of mouth relevant to your business.

The Opportunities function allows for a centralised and highly structured way of recording your leads for new work. It allows you to methodically search for new business, assign plans of action for ‘winning’ each opportunity and prioritising the most lucrative and potentially profitable leads by seeing each opportunity in the context of your pipeline. It will also allow you to refine your marketing strategies as identifying how new clients find you can shed light on the most effective business outreach approaches.

To find out more about Opportunities, as well as how to use them in Capsule CRM, click here.


What is a Track in Capsule CRM?

If opportunities are the leads in an investigation, then tracks are the steps we take to follow up those leads in order to catch the criminal (or in our case catch new work!).

Tracks created in Capsule CRM allow us to make a structured path to completing opportunities and cases, enabling us to see our progress towards securing the work and checking off milestones along the way. This provides a great method of compartmentalising tasks and working towards gaining new business in a highly structured way.

This is a great system as it allows you to keep track (excuse the pun) of where you are in terms of securing work as well as setting specific tasks for people, projecting earnings and easing time management.

To find out more about Tracks, as well as how to use them in Capsule CRM, click here.


And what is a Case in Capsule CRM?

If we carry on extending the analogy of investigations, where opportunities are our leads and tracks are the process of following those leads to catch the criminal, we might see cases as… well, the court case itself.

In Capsule CRM we use cases to store everything necessary for an event or project. Whether it’s a short-term piece of work, such as writing a blog, or a long-term project over several months and including many people, we can use cases to organise and structure our actions. They hold all the contacts, tasks, files, information and history of the project in one place for easy access and smooth collaboration.

As you create a case you can add other people to the contacts, assign them tasks and set deadlines so everyone is on the same page and know their role in the project, as well as allowing easy communication through linking emails and websites.

How do they fit together?

We can think of opportunities, tasks and cases as a chronological continuation of finding work, securing that work and delivering a service. Below is a diagram of how these can fit together in your business.

If you would like to find out more about how to use Capsule CRM for your business we offer bespoke training courses either in our office or via skype. Contact us for more details.

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