Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Work

Every small business owner I meet has a passion and focus for what they are doing, but often I also notice there are times when they struggle to really drive their business forward because the day to day stuff is getting in the way.  Outsourcing the things which are essential to your business, but don’t need handling by you personally, could offer a perfect solution and open up new possibilities for concentrating your efforts on developing new clients.

  1. “I just need help for a few weeks”

Outsourcing can really come into its own when you hit a busy period.  For some businesses, levels of activity can be harder to predict, particularly if you’ve recently started, or at the beginning of expanding into new products or services.  Sometimes your own availability can change, such as sickness or holidays.  Getting some help with data entry, customer service, or writing blogs, could reduce your stress levels considerably and ensure things continue smoothly. I am quite often used as “Stop-Gap Sam” – helping out at events for a day, covering holidays or working with a company for a few months until they can take on a member of staff.

2.   Get a quality job done quickly

Know your own skills and strengths and consider outsourcing anything which isn’t your company’s core skill.  Working with people who are skilled and experienced in a particular area means that the task is done well and often completed quicker.  Areas such as accounting use standardised methodology which all professionals use and they’re practising these skills daily.

3.     Economy

Don’t make the mistake of saying “I’ll do it all myself.  It’s cheaper!” How long does it take you to write a blog for example? If you were getting paid for that time how much would you earn? It may well be cost-effective to outsource that task.

Outsourcing also means you are building a support team and this can be invaluable to a small business, particularly sole traders and people working on their own.

4. Outsourcing allows you to access talented professionals and their expertise

There is a good availability of freelance professionals now, who can work from anywhere and can save you on overheads such as salaries.  You can grow your team temporarily and flexibly, you don’t need to be able to offer desk space and equipment and commit to anything long-term.

5. You will learn about your business

If you really want to spend money carefully and delegate the right tasks, to the right people, for the right reasons, you’ll have to understand a lot of important things about your company.  Don’t outsource tasks just because you can: what is your USP and the central parts you need to deliver yourself?


By exploring outsourcing something it makes you really think about that activity and defining what the process is to do it.  You’ll need to define a brief carefully and explain deadlines and in doing so it can open discussions about making processes more efficient.

Having recently taken my own advice and outsourced some of my necessary administrative work I can really say that it allows you to concentrate both on earning money and gaining more business. Now that I have more “client time” give me a call if you are considering outsourcing your administrative or marketing tasks.


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