E-commerce Website Goes Live

We have just completed a large e-commerce website build and the client is already seeing excellent results.

Skeleton Leaf  has been importing skeleton leaves into the UK for several years for distribution to customers all over the world. Owner Mike Lyth  lives in Thailand for much of the time and is a fluent Thai speaker with very good working relationships with his skeleton leaf suppliers.

Mike had been selling leaves on-line for some time but  needed a more up to date website with more visual appeal and more dynamic elements to it. It also needed to be mobile friendly as many more people now make purchases from their mobile phones. Previously Mike had posted blogs on a separate WordPress site which he linked to from his on-line shop but the new website that we built for him means that his shop and blogs are now on a single site.

Website Review

This was quite a challenging website build as there are so many products on the site all requiring descriptions and photographs to be uploaded. We set up a development site where we could design the outline using our favourite template. It was very important to retain the strong branding of the business and portray this consistently throughout the entire site. We were delighted that Red Kite Services also provided the photography, taking high quality images with consistency of presentation.

Because it was quite a big website to build it did gradually evolve through several stages becoming more aesthetically pleasing with each phase of work. We worked very closely with Mike and frequently received input from him to add new elements or just improve the appearance in some small way. Of course this is an ongoing process as, no matter how hard you try, a website always needs updating.

With a shop there is the need to be able to add new products, advertise offers, post blogs, change prices, work on SEO descriptions and just generally keep everything up to date and fresh. We always offer training as part of the package whenever we build a new website so that our clients can feel confident in making these changes themselves. Of course we also offer a full range of website updating services to clients for things they feel less confident about or if they just can’t find time in their busy schedules for this type of work

We are still in the free “snagging” stage which we offer on all our website builds, so we are still working with Mike to further develop the site now that it has gone live.

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