Why I Still Send Christmas Cards

It might be old fashioned, but I still send Christmas cards – hand-written and in the post. Yes, I have reduced the numbers, but I think there is still a role for Christmas cards in this electronic age.

There are two groups of people I send cards to:

  • Friends and relatives I don’t see very often
  • Clients – past, present and future.WP_000129 (3)

I see my personal cards as a way to keep in touch. I usually write something relevant in the card too – letting the child minder from 1996 know that her charges are now at University for example. It shows that I do still appreciate the role they have played in my life and keeps the door open for meeting up with them again.

For example, I have always exchanged Christmas cards with a friend I met in my first job over 25 years ago  – this year we actually managed to meet up again, thoroughly enjoyed a coffee and a natter and rolled back the years. Without the annual sending of cards that would never have happened!

Many of my relatives are all over the country and difficult to visit. Many of them are not slaves to Facebook, so a card is still the best way to keep in touch.Christmas-37-Modern-Christmas-Logo-Bauble-NC

Most of my clients have become friends over the year, so I always send a card to current clients as a thank you for using my services. For past clients I see it as a  bit of a marketing tool, reminding them I’m still in business and still available to work for them. I also send cards to people who I have met and there is a good chance they may become clients or “raving fans.” It never does any harm to get the business name and logo onto some new desks and raise my profile.


Need another reason for sending corporate Christmas cards?  Well have you seen the selection available from The Card Gallery – I couldn’t resist!

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