make time

Do you have a list of "to dos" that have still not been done by Friday afternoon?

Are you catching up with your admin on a Sunday afternoon?

Do you want to spend more time with your family or pursuing your hobbies?

If you answer yes to any of these our administrative support service could be just what you need.

We work on the rule that the business works for us - we don't work for the business and we help other small business owners do the same. We know that there is administration work in every sector that is boring, time-consuming and not where your strenghts are.

Red Kite services offers a full range of administrative support services. Located in the City of York, we provide a virtual administration service to clients all over the world. But we do also visit a number of clients in the York area and spend time each month providing them with administrative support in their office.

Our administrative services

  • contact management
  • developing and maintaining databases
  • responding to emails
  • appointment making
  • report-editing
  • filing
  • blog writing
  • event support
  • updating spreadsheets
  • preparing presentations

Our administrative support can be done on a regular basis or pay as you go,  to provide holiday or sickness cover or just to help out when you are really busy.

Contact Management

Keep track of your clients with Capsule CRM, our favourite CRM system. Manage your contacts, leads and pipeline with this system which links in with many other online systems such as mailchimp. We can set you the system up, including your tags, tracks and custom fields.



We can help you set up your database of clients and link it with Capsule CRM or your existing contact management system - we are also familiar with other systems too. We like nothing better than a box full of business cards to upload to a database. We will work with you to discuss how you can use these contacts for your business and set up categories and notes. We will also link it with your contact management system.

IFA Support

We offer comprehensive support for financial advisers and mortgage advisers, from appointment-making right through to checking commission and everything in between. We are especially experienced in mortgages and protection cases and can upload applications, chase up additional information, liaise with providers and draft suitability letters.


Let us assist you in writing, compiling and presenting important reports. We can edit your work, offering an outsiders view of the content, proof-read the copy, advise on layout, whether it be online or printed copy and print and bind your reports to give a professional finish.


This is available for York-based businesses only, but we are happy to come to your office and help you sort out your filing system. If you are looking to achieve a paperless office we can scan and store documents for you on line.


Our services aim to be affordable to all small businesses. After an initial meeting to discuss your requirements, you will be given a written proposal and quotation for the job. My hourly rate is £30, but reductions are available if clients take out a retainer of at least 10 hours per month or for work on a day rate. We also offer a range of specific projects which have a one-off cost.

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